Pacific Northwest

States in the Northwest region include Washington and Oregon. This region is rich in natural resources such as redwood forests, scenic mountains, and the Pacific Ocean. Many tribes in this region are subject to PL 280 and must navigate jurisdictional collaborations with local state and counties in the administration of criminal justice.

Cedar Bough Native American Program

The Cedar Bough Native American Program, which closed in 2016, was a private, independent residential treatment facility for tribal youth. For nine years, Cedar Bough provided high-risk/high-need youth, many who had been involved in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems, with culturally-competent mental and behavioral healthcare services.

A day at a Puyallup GREAT camp

The Gang Resistance Education And Training (G.R.E.A.T.) Program is an evidence-based violence prevention curriculum that brings law enforcement officers into the classroom to work with students.

Peacemaking: How Native American Elders use Tradition to Support offender Reintegration

During a visit by the Tribal Justice Exchange to the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation in Washington State, Robert V. Wolf talks with two elders–Matthew Dick Jr. and Darlene Wilder–and a client about peacemaking, a traditional Native American approach to resolving both criminal and civil issues.

Regional Programing