Alternatives to Incarceration

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Learn how tribes are using alternatives to incarceration such as probation, supervised treatment, community service, cultural education programs, and other approaches, to divert cases away from the justice system and reduce recidivism.

Kenaitze Indian Tribe Henu Community Wellness Court

Learn about this joint-jurisdictional court operated by the Kenaitze Indian Tribal Court and the Alaska State Court systems. 

Second Judicial District Court New Mexico Department of Correction Native American Healing to Wellness Court

This Healing to Wellness Court’s innovative approach is only the second of its kind in the Nation. It utilizes the existing capacity of the District Court and The New Mexico Department of Correction’s Probation/Parole, as well as the robust social service environment in Albuquerque.

Yurok Tribe Wellness Court

Established in 2009. The Yurok Wellness Court includes adult, family, and juvenile drug court concepts and adheres to the approach set forth in the “10 Key Components” of the Tribal Healing to Wellness Court.

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