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Read about how tribes are using traditional practices in their justice system to resolve disputes, impose appropriate consequences for harmful behavior, or to connect tribal members with their culture and traditions in meaningful interventions designed to reduce recidivism and provide healing and wellness.

Tulalip Tribes of Washington's Elders Panel

The Tulalip Tribes Elders Panel is a diversion program for defendants in the Tulalip Tribal Court. The Elders Panel draws on the wisdom and experience of its elders to help defendants learn what it means to be an honorable member of the Tulalip Tribes. The Elders Panel is run by a committed team of volunteer elders who meet with defendants on a bi-weekly basis.

Indian Village Camp

This is a four day wilderness camp program focusing on tribal culture and natural living skills, using the Peacemaking talking circle throughout. Participants cook their own food as a group over an open fire in the communal longhouse.

Navajo Nation Peacemaking Program

The Navajo Nation Peacemaking Program provides a traditional-culture alternative to Anglo-American justice practices by utilizing Diné wisdom, customs, and practices to resolve disputes. The program seeks justice for everyone involved by engaging the skills and perspectives of community members to come to a mutual solution. 

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