Overview of Indigenous Restorative Justice and Peacemaking – Webinar – March 20, 2024

Webinar Description: Held on March 20, 2024.

This webinar discussed the history of restorative justice and restorative practices and discussed examples of what this looks like in Tribal communities today. Specifically, the webinar gave a detailed overview of Peacemaking—a traditional way of resolving conflict. Peacemaking is a community-based process that addresses the concerns of all interested parties by focusing on community care and kinship, to both repair and prevent conflict and harm. It is informed by a Tribe’s culture, spirituality, knowledge, and ways of being. This session explored the philosophy, values, concepts, and framework of indigenous restorative justice models and practices, differentiated them from those utilized in western system environments, and engaged attendees in a discussion about how these models and practices are being implemented by Tribal courts.

This webinar was presented by Grace Carson, Skadden Fellow, Tribal Law and Policy Institute.

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